Complimentary Webinar

Bijay Misra

Project Leader for Formulation & Analytical Science for CuriRx


"Dynamic Light Scattering as an effective tool for mAb developability, Excipient screening and High Concentration Formulation Development"

When and Where: On-Line, Thurs., April 26th 2:00 pm EST


Webinar Highlights:

•  Early Stage Formulation Development with Limited Availability of Antibody
•  Early Phase Formulation Case Study
•  Dynamic Light Scattering Parameters as a Predictive Tool For Antibody Formulation

Abstract: Dynamic light scattering technique is widely used to screen formulations at early stage of development often through detection of aggregates, or determining the aggregation transition temperature, where hydrodynamic size of the formulation is measured after the stress conditions or during a progressively higher temperature stress environment, respectively. The transition temperature (Tagg), is unique for a protein under specific formulation conditions, and can change substantially based on the excipients. At the early stages of formulation development with the limited availability of antibody, we have used dynamic light scattering parameters as a predictive tool for high concentration antibody formulation. A case study of an early phase formulation development will be presented.

About Our Speaker:

Bijay Misra is a Project Leader for Formulation and Analytical Science at CuriRx. Bijay is a pharmaceutical research & development professional with over 10 years of experience in formulation, analytical R&D, biologics, small molecules, CMC, regulatory filing and cGMP manufacturing support. Bijay received his Ph.D. in physical-organic chemistry from the City University of New York. Prior to joining the industry, he held a post-doctoral position in bioanalytical chemistry working on cancer research at The American Health Foundation in New York. Bijay has published twenty peer reviewed research papers in the areas of cancer research, physicochemical characterization and organic reaction mechanism.