Bioprocessing Development

We offer end-to-end bioprocessing development services, optimizing both upstream and downstream processes.

At CuriRx, our cell culture and purification facility produces biologics that alleviate product development bottlenecks or capacity shortfalls.

Cell Culture

Cell Line and Strain Development

✔ GS and DHFR expression systems

✔ ExpiCHO

✔ High throughput screening for high biomass/titer producer

✔ Single cell isolation (FACS)

✔ Clonality assessment (Cell imager)

✔ Analytical confirmation

Upstream Process Development

✔ Media & feed screening, development, and optimization

✔ Fed-batch/ continuous bioreactor conditions development

✔ Recovery and separation development

✔ Cell disruption and protein refolding

✔ Process scale up and down

✔ Upstream process characterization

Downstream Process Development

✔ Resin screening

✔ Chromatography development and optimization

✔ Filtration (TFF and depth filters) development and sizing

✔ Bulk formulation development

✔ Viral clearance and inactivation steps development

✔ Downstream process Characterization

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