Led by CuriRx’s team of industry experts and state-of-the-art
high-resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometry instrumentation,
our one-of-a-kind CuriLytics® platform provides support
to CMC testing and characterization for small and large molecules

CuriLytics® capabilities:

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Orthogonal Approach
Discovery and Targeted Proteomics
Structural Characterization
Purity/Product Related Impurities
Physiochemical Properties
Process Related Impurities

CuriRx can help you solve your most complex analytical challenges by designing flexible and customized programs through our CuriLytics® platform that encompasses complete characterization according to ICH Guideline Q6B, improving and de-risking the overall drug development path from Phase I clinical trials through approval requires advanced analyses of critical quality attributes. CMC evaluation of biological molecules, including antibodies, occurs at various stages of development and involves monitoring a range of critical quality attributes through peptide mapping, determination of disulfide linkages, localizing post-translational modifications, and glycan profiling.

Using high-resolution mass spectrometry and a battery of orthogonal characterization methods, CuriLytics® offers a powerful way to overcome these challenges, providing greater insight in characterization and an improved understanding of biotherapeutic drugs. CuriLytics® identifies quality attributes of protein candidates at the individual residue level, offering a detailed understanding of how changes in process or production affect a drug product.

High Resolution
Mass Spectrometry

✔ Protein, Antibody, ADC, AAV etc stability analysis

✔ HCP (host cell protein) analysis

✔ Small molecule analysis

✔ Glycan analysis

✔ Disulfide bond mapping

✔ Characterize protein conjugation

✔ Proteins identification

✔ Metabolomics

✔ mAb sequencing

✔ Label-free quantitation

CMC Support Services


Protein Identification

Peptide Mapping

Antibody/Protein Characterization

Protein Post-Translational Modifications (PTMs)

Accurate Mass Measurement of Peptides, Proteins, and Small Molecules

Protein Aggregation

HCP (Host Cell Protein) Analysis

Protein Quantitation Analysis

Protein Glycosylation Analysis and Released Glycan Profiling

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