Quality Testing

Quality Testing Expertise by CuriRx

Ensuring Excellence in Small and Large Molecules

When it comes to quality testing, CuriRx sets the gold standard. We specialize in an array of critical quality testing services for pharmaceuticals, whether it’s small or large molecules. Our commitment to delivering excellence is unwavering.

Our Quality Testing Services Include:

Product Release Testing:

CuriRx performs meticulous product release testing to guarantee that your pharmaceutical products meet the highest quality standards before they hit the market. We leave no room for compromise when it comes to your product’s quality.

Drug Substance/API Release Testing:

We are your trusted partner for conducting comprehensive drug substance/API release testing. Our cutting-edge techniques and rigorous methodologies ensure that your API meets regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Stability Programs:

The long-term stability and shelf-life of your final products and bulk drug substances are paramount. CuriRx’s stability programs are meticulously designed to ensure the integrity and efficacy of your products throughout their lifecycle.

At CuriRx, we understand the critical role that quality testing plays in pharmaceutical development. Our experts are committed to delivering solutions that meet regulatory standards and exceed expectations. Trust us to safeguard the quality and compliance of your pharmaceutical products. Reach out today to discover how our quality testing services can elevate your pharmaceutical projects.

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✔ Linearity


✔ Precision

✔ Recovery

✔ Specificity

✔ Suitability

✔ Robustness

Stability Studies


✔ Customized based on clients’ needs

✔ Conform ICH guidelines

✔ Stability Chambers with multiple condition settings

✔ Photostability Testing

✔ In-use Stability Studies