Formulation Development

Our formulation development is based on preformulation studies and is tailored to meet your clinical program’s or commercial market’s needs. Our scientists approach each formulation project by establishing a target profile for your product, and each development study we conduct is tailored to your clinical needs. An effective, easy-to-administer dosage form will increase patient compliance and minimize dosing discrepancies during clinical trials.

Our formulation expertise includes the following:

Stabilizing molecules through formulation and excipient selection
Developing high- and low-concentration antibody or protein formulations
Increasing the solubility of water-insoluble molecules
Enhancing bioavailability
Nanoparticles and microparticle delivery systems
Emulsions and liposomes
Formulation development for early preclinical studies
Developing easy scalable formulation processes

✔ Small molecule: Solubility FingerPrinting™

✔ Biologics: Stability FingerPrinting™

✔ Identify stability-indicating assay

✔ Screening(buffers, stabilizers, etc)

✔ Instrumentation: LyoStar II-FTS Lyophilizer (2)

✔ Facilitate global transport and storage

✔ Withstand adverse environmental challenges

✔ Enable to move through clinical trials expeditiously

✔ Deliver types: Injectible, Oral, Topical

✔ Size

✔ Encapsulation,

✔ Loading efficiency

✔ Drug release profiles

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