Upstream Process Development

Cell Culture

CuriRx is open to engaging in projects spanning from vector construction to the final harvest stage. Our team of scientists is well-equipped to either devise an optimized batch-fed process for generating therapeutic candidates or collaborate with you to enhance your current process. Leveraging our cutting-edge platforms and extensive decades-long expertise, we aim to amplify your team’s productivity. We facilitate the creation of biologics through non-GMP expressions utilizing any of the subsequent techniques:

  • Baculovirus (Insect) Expression
  • Mammalian Expression
  • Bacterial Expression
  • Yeast Expression

Our proficiency extends to conducting cell cultures in various setups, including shake flasks, wave bags, and bioreactors ranging from 1L to 10L in size. Our dedicated team will closely cooperate with you to tailor a program that aligns with your specific needs.

Included services:

  • Production in 1L to 10L bioreactor
  • Purification steps to purify >99% or as required
  • Buffer exchange

Other Services

  • Media & feed screening, development, and optimization
  • Fed-batch and continuous (perfusion) bioreactor conditions development
  • Recovery and separation development
  • Cell disruption and protein refolding
  • Process scale up and down
  • Upstream process characterization

Selected major assets

  • 4xEppendorf BioFlo: 250mL – 40L scale single use bioreactors
  • 9x3L Applikon Ez bioreactors
  • 8×1-2L DASGIP parallel bioreactors
  • 1xCEDEX and 1xNOVA Bioprofile for metabolites and substrate
  • 1xNOVA CDV and 1xMicrocope for VCD and viability
  • 1xOsmo

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