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Join Our On-Line ‘Book Club’ Panel Discussion

Join Our On-Line ‘Book Club’ Panel Discussion: Thurs. August 22nd @ 2:00pm ET
Topic: Development of A New SEC-HPLC Method to Eliminate the Interactions of Proteins or Peptides with Residual Silanols and Improve the Separation of Proteins, Peptides and Impurities


CuriRx hosts online and in-person events exploring science and policy issues that impact biopharmaceutical innovation and patient access to medicines. With members from the nation’s leading biopharmaceutical research companies, our events offer unique insights about the future of health in America.

Watch Indu Javeri, founder, and CEO of the biotech company Curirx, share how the most important trait she uses every day is kindness. She says that you never know what others are going through or the hardships or challenges they may have in their life, so being kind is how she treats everyone. Although she has a PhD in biochemistry, she also emphasizes the importance for girls to develop strong communication skills. Communication skills will be useful in your career, personal life, relationships, and if your skills are strong, then you have it made… Read more