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Public-private research partnership development through the FNIH Biomarkers Consortium Cancer Steering Committee and implementation of ctDNA Quality Control Materials

Tuesday, July 13th at 11:00am Eastern Time

Description: The FNIH Biomarkers Consortium is a public-private biomedical research partnership that endeavors to discover, develop and seek regulatory approval for biomarkers to support new drug development, preventative medicine and medical diagnostics. This webinar will highlight FNIH efforts to build pre-competitive research partnerships and accelerate the development of biomarker-based technologies for prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. A public private partnership initiated to develop quality control materials (QCMs) for application across multiple assay types will be presented as a case study. The QCMs are expected to provide confidence in ctDNA biomarker assay results, paving the way for more effective clinical research and therapeutic decision-making. The presentation will describe the phase one performance evaluation of the QCMs, continuing work to establish commutability to clinical samples and evidence of their utility, and ongoing efforts to coordinate international activity in the liquid biopsy space.







About Our Speaker:
​Dana E. Connors,

Bio: Dana E. Connors, MSc, PMP is the Scientific Project Manager for the Cancer portfolio of the Biomarkers Consortium at the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health. He manages the activities of project teams and working groups to facilitate the advancement and execution of innovative cancer research and biomarker development. In his work with public-private biomedical research partnerships, he engages international participation from government, industry, academia, patient-advocacy and private sector organizations. Dana uses his perspective to influence creativity and production, drive international scientific collaboration, and help others make the leap from project manager to impact leader.