Complimentary Webinar

Webinar Registration: Thursday, September 20th, 2018 - 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"Right Angle Light Scattering (RALS) as a sensitive tool
for rapid pre-formulation and formulation of proteins and peptides including Humira/Biosimilars"

Complimentary Webinar Registration:


About Our Speaker, Dr. Nelliaiappan:

About Our Speaker: Dr. Nelliaiappan is the Director of Product Development at CuriRx, with more than 20 years of pharmaceutical industrial experience. Dr. Nellaiapppan is an accomplished scientist and lecturer teaching Biochemistry at master level supervising Ph.D scholars. Madras University, Oxford University, Post Doc, Biochemistry Boston University 1994-1997.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Rapid screening tool for excipients selection
  • Accurately predict protein candidates regarding stability
  • Discussion of techniques related to RALS, Z average, and SEC-HPLC

Abstract: CuriRx Inc has developed right angle light scattering (RALS) as a rapid screening tool for the selection of various excipients in pre-formulation and formulation of proteins /peptides to save precious API and time with bulk drug production. Right angle light scattering (RALS) measures aggregation of protein/peptide formulations in a relatively shorter time and the data correlates to the molecule stability. Use of RALs as a tool allows for monitoring Tm (unfold) and Tagg with a protein concentration ranging from 0.1mg/mL to 200 mg/mL. By assessing Tm (unfold) and Tagg with reference to pH, ions and stabilizers, different therapeutic protein candidate’s formulations can be more accurately predicted for stability and identify lead formulations in a very short period.

This technique is fast and gives very reliable and comparable data to other analytical techniques that are generally utilized for identifying lead formulation candidates along with a short-term accelerated stability program.

In addition, this tool is applicable in the early development phase as a correct choice of suitable stability screening method to assess the appropriate developability attributes of the therapeutic protein candidates.

The webinar will discuss the techniques related to RALS, Z average, and SEC-HPLC and its complementary correlation with case studies. Examples are given to understand the strategy to avoid unnecessary screening of incompatible excipients

About CuriRx: CuriRx is an established CRO located in Wilmington, MA. Our new 13,000 sq’ facility and laboratory are well equipped and our staff scientists are experts in a variety of areas including:

  • Pre-Formulation and Formulation Development
  • Particle Characterization
  • Lyophilization Cycle Development
  • Cell Culture & Purification